初一英语上册作文范文 第一篇

Ms. Gao our English teacher is my favorite is slim and beautiful with curly,long hair. She is in her early thirties. She is always full of energy and her lessons are always well-prepared . All of us like her lessons very much because we can gain much from her lessons. Besides, I admire that she is always friendly and kind so she can make friends easily with us outside the classroom. When we have any difficulties, we all like asking her for is truly a wise teacher.高老师我的比较喜欢的人,她身材苗条、漂亮、卷花头长发.她30出头.她总是精力充沛,她的课总是精心准备.我们都喜欢上她的课因为我们可以从她的课收获很多.此外,我钦佩她总是很友善,因此她总能轻松地在课下和我们交朋友.当我们遇到困难总喜欢象她求教.高老师的确是相当聪明的老师。

初一英语上册作文范文 第二篇

The summer vacation began. I decided to work to make money for the next term. But I didn’t know what work I could do. At that time, my mother was writing a book. I decided to type for her for pay. She agreed and paid me 5 yuan for 1000 words.

I began to work. I typed so slowly that I could type only several hundred words a day. It was a hard job for me. I kept typing all day long.

I finished the work two weeks later. I came to know how hard it was to make money.



初一英语上册作文范文 第三篇

假设你是李枚,下面的照片是你的全家福,请你写一篇文章介绍你的家庭。Hello,everyone!I'm ! This is my family photo. This is my grandmother. She is 58. This is my father. He is a teacher. He is 36. and my mother is 36, too. Who’s that boyOh, he is my brother. He is 13 and I am 12. My brother and I are students.

假设这是TOM的房间,请你用80词左右介绍他的房间。 Look! This is Tom’s room. His photos are on the wall. His T-shirt is on the bed. His baseball bat is behind the dresser. The keys are in the drawer. The computer is on the desk. Where is Tom’s baseballOh, It’s under the bed. What is on the floorThey are Tom’s shoes, socks and computer games. What do you think of Tom’s room


Jim has a great sports collection. He has 10 basketballs, 4 footballs,2 ping-pong balls, 15volleyballs and 9 baseballs. He doesn’t have a ping-pong bat, but he has 8 tennis rackets. Of all the sports, He likes tennis best. He likes sports very much, because he thinks sports are good for health. He often plays tennis and basketball with his friends after school



初一英语上册作文范文 第四篇

Last year my father lost his job. At that time my parents felt a bit sad. I encouraged my father and said I was old enough and could do something to help. In order to help my parents, I took a part time job on weekends in the KFC near my home.

Luckily, it didn't take long time for my father to find a new job in a company. With the money I earned through working I bought a pair of new shoes for my father to celebrate the good news. My parents were deeply moved.

I said, "We are a happy family whether we are rich or poor.




初一英语上册作文范文 第五篇

Hello, everyone! I don’t like sports, but I like eating very much. I eat a lot food every day. For breakfast, I like milk, eggs and bread a lot . For lunch, I like French fries, chicken, hamburgers and apples. For dinnerr, I like fruits, vegetables and rice.


初一英语上册作文范文 第六篇

Hello!What’s your favourite friend Yu Ling is my favourite friend. She is a beautiful girl. She smiles friendly. I think it’s her smile that makes her beauty. We live in the same city, so that we always stay together, no matter going to classroom or having dinners. She likes salad and beef for lunch. She likes chicken and rice for love my friend. We have healthy food. .Yu Ling likes sharing interesting things with others. Such as, she likes telling us her funny stories of her childhood . She always tells me that I should be more extroverted and learn to talk to others. Under the influence of her, I communicate with others more frequently and I find that it feels so great. I am so grateful that I can have such a good friend.

初一英语上册作文范文 第七篇

The lucky-number has become increasingly popular in daily life of mordern socialty. For example, the number eight means big money which people like most, while the number four means death.

Some people believe lucky numbers so deeply that they will afford a telephone with numbers without four and others which is bad in their mind. They argue that the lucky-number really can bring good luck, and, at least, no evidence testify they can not.

As far as I am concerned, there is no such relationship betwwen the numbers and lucky, for the reason that numbers theirself are given certain meaning for the purpose of application of mathmetic. And, In addition, man should not depend on lucky which, in their mind, the numbers gives them.

初一英语上册作文范文 第八篇

Study well is not an easy thing. Many students try hard to make their study become good. But sometimes they will use some shortcut to reach their goal. For example, they may recite the answer of some question to cope with the exam, instead of figuring out the knowledge in that question. This is not a good way for study. Only studying down-to-earth is the best. Anyone wants to get a high position in study; he has to learn the knowledge step by step. On in this way to lay a good foundation, students can get to a high level one day.


初一英语上册作文范文 第九篇

seasons have colors, what are the four seasons like?

seasons have colors, spring is green. When spring comes, willow trees begin to bud. It is really a green world, and it is also the color of hope.

What about summer? When I look at flowers of almost all kinds in blossom, I understand that the color of summer is red.

Compared with summer, autumn is another kind of color. The rice in the fields and fruits on the branches are the signals of autumn. It is the color filled with ripeness. Gold is the symbol of harvest.

Winter is the world of snow. The whole land is covered with snow. White is the color of winter.

Seasons have colors and the changing of the four seasons makes the land colorful and energetic.

初一英语上册作文范文 第十篇

All the people often say:"mother's love is the greatest in the world! "Yes, mother's love is very mother give us very too much love. But a big number of us, don't know our mother give us too much love. Mothers are very tired. We don't realize that we should make them to rest. Mothers are thirsty. We don't realize that we should give them a cup of tea. When we beacome father or mother. We will know our parents have gave us much love .So,at this moment. We must reture a good grades to our parents.


初一英语上册作文范文 第十一篇

Lantern Festival is a China’s traditional festival. It is celebrated on the fifteenth day of the first month of the lunar year.

I,antern Festival is one of the biggest holidays in China. Several days before Lantern Festival, people begin to make lanterns. Lanterns are made in the shape of different animals, vegetables, fruits and many, other things. While making lanterns people usually write riddles on lanterns. On the eve of Lantern Festival, all the lanterns are hung up.

On Lantern Festival people go outside to have a look at the lanterns and guess the riddles on the lanterns. Perhaps you call see some wonderful folk performances,Dragon Dance and Yangko. Everything is very interesting and everyone is very happy. Our life is rich and varied.

初一英语上册作文范文 第十二篇

Hello, everyone! My name is Yang Fan.

I am a student and I study at school now. I like playing basketball and surfing on the internet. I go to school by bike every day. I often go to the country for my vacation. I think I will change greatly in 15 years. Then I will be a doctor. I will enjoy reading books. I will go to work by car. I will go to Europe to spend my holiday. I will make a lot of money. I will have a beautiful building with garden. I think my life will be more interesting and wonderful in the future.

I think it will come true if I work hard.


初一英语上册作文范文 第十三篇

I do not know the reason why some people want to get up late. They will never have the opportunity to enjoy (ofenjoying) the fresh air and calmness of the morning. This is indeed a quite regrettable thing.

To rise early is a good habit (which) we should cultivate. Why? Because the best time when we can pursue our studiesis in the morning. In addition, early rising is also good to our health. I hope that everybody our knows the reason whywe must rise early.




初一英语上册作文范文 第十四篇

I always feel tired after eight classes a day, so my dream school starts at 8:30 . and ends at 3:30 . There are three lessons in the morning and two in the afternoon. We can choose our favorite lessons to learn.

We can spend more time doing some outside reading. The students do after-school activities for one and a half hours every day. We needn’t do a lot of homework. We are all happy to stay at school.

Besides that, my dream school looks like a big garden. There are many kinds of flowers around the modern buildings. Sweet perfumes are diffused all around. If I want to have a rest, I can lie on the grass, listen to music by the lake or look out at the flowers from the classroom windows.

I love my dream school. We will grow up to be happier there.

初一英语上册作文范文 第十五篇

Blowing balloons is an interesting game. You may have some ideas of it. It is of great value to your health, especially to those who are fat. People usually make an airless balloon halfairfilled, put it on the hand, then blow it hard. Shortly after it flies up, his partner blows it away towards the opposite party. And the opposite blows it back.

Repeat doing so until the balloon drops onto the follr. Any party onto whose floor the balloon drops will be the loser. So any party who tries to control the balloon’s direction and blows it with great efforts will make the balloon fly straight to the other party and will have more opportunities to win.

初一英语上册作文范文 第十六篇

The joy of holiday fitness. In the summer vacation, I also don't forget toexercise. By the evening, I took with mom and dad go to tai lake squareskateboard; On hot days and a friend to the sports center to swim; Playbasketball, play badminton together with my cousin. Let me feeling most isskateboarding, don't play at the beginning, but I don't give up, notdiscouraged, practice, mastered the balance soon, learned skill, so the more Ithe lithe form of taihu square, quickly slide on a skateboard, let me have thefeeling of flying! Fitness not only bring me happy and gives me a strong healthybody.

初一英语上册作文范文 第十七篇

Last night, I saw an interesting movie, it told about a boy and a girl who were at the same age, but the way they thought was so different. The boy was skin-deep, he judged the person by their faces, while the girl could think much further, she found the beauty of life. During their process of growing, finally the boy became mature and started to have the real talk with the girl.

I learn that boys and girls indeed think in a very different way, so misunderstanding always happens. It is important to have the communication, so that they can know each other’s thoughts.

初一英语上册作文范文 第十八篇

We couldn' t believe that it was a village. The buildings for the farmers were very beautiful, the streets were very clean and there were many flowers in front of the houses. In the middle of the village there was a school with a wonderful building and a large playground. All the children in the village study there.

The farmers got richer by planting vegetables and raising silkworms. In their houses there were colour TV sets, fridges,washing machines, new furniture and even motorbikes. All these showed the farmers' life was getting better and better.

The great changes had attracted foreigners. Today some of them would come to visit it. We were happy for the farmers. We hope the farmers will be richer and happier.




初一英语上册作文范文 第十九篇

I have a good friend. Her name is May. She is 12 years telephone number is 87634966 Her birthday is March 5th. She is good at English and often plays the piano. She likes reading books and listening to the music. Her hobbies are reading and listening to music. She is a nice girl. We often help each other. We are good friends.

初一英语上册作文范文 第二十篇

Great changes have taken place in Shanghai and more and more people throughout the world are focusing their attention on Shanghai now. As a citizen of Shanghai, I feel I must spare no efforts to do my bit.

First, I decide to help plant more trees to make our city more beautiful.

Second, I should obey seven no's and be good at learning from others.

Third, I should study hard so that I can do something better for my city in the future.

初一英语上册作文范文 第二十一篇

my school is at haimen town. it is very big and beautiful. there are forty-three classes in it. when you come to our school, you can see the modern teaching building.

our teachers work and do practice in it. behind the building, there are two classroom buildings and a school library. in the library there are thousands and thousands of books. after class you can borrow the books you want and also you can read them in the reading room at any time.

beside our classroom, there is a big playground. at about 4:30 . every day, many students play football, basketball and some of them play tennis. all the playground is alive.

our school is a model school in jiangsu. i like my school very much.

初一英语上册作文范文 第二十二篇


1. 介绍自己的好朋友

My Friend


I have a good friend. Her name is May. She is 12 years old. Her telephone number is 87634966. 我有一个好朋友。 她的名字叫梅。 她12岁。 她的电话号码是87634966。 Her birthday is March 5th. She is good at English and Chinese. She often plays the piano. 她的生日是3月5日。 她擅长英语和汉语。 她经常弹钢琴。

She likes reading books and listening to the music. Her hobbies are reading and listening to music.

她喜欢看书和听音乐。她的爱好是读书和听音乐。 She is a nice girl. We often help each other. We are good friends.

她是一个好女孩。我们经常互相帮助。 我们是好朋友。

2. 对家庭成员的描述

My family


Hello, everyone! I'm LiMei. Look! This is my family photo. This is my grandmother. She is 58. 大家好! 我是LiMei. 看! 这是我的全家福。 这是我的祖母。她58岁。 This is my father. He is a teacher. He is 36. and my mother is 36, too. Who’s that boy 这是我的父亲。他是一名教师。他36岁。 我的母亲也是36岁。 那个男孩是谁? Oh, he is my brother. He is 13 and I am 12. My brother and I are students. 哦,他是我哥哥。 他13岁,我12岁。我的哥哥和我都是学生。

3. 房间布置的写法

Tom’s room


Look! This is Tom’s room. His photos are on the wall. His T-shirt is on the bed. 瞧! 这是汤姆的房间。 他的照片挂在墙上。他的T恤在床上。

His baseball bat is behind the dresser. The keys are in the drawer. The computer is on the desk. 他的棒球棒在梳妆台后面。 钥匙在抽屉里。 计算机在书桌上。 Where is Tom’s baseballOh, It’s under the bed. What is on the floor

汤姆的棒球在哪里?哦,在床底下。 地板上是什么?

They are Tom’s shoes, socks and computer games. What do you think of Tom’s room它们是汤姆的鞋子,袜子和电脑游戏。 你觉得汤姆的房间怎么样?


Jim has a great sports collection. He has 10 basketballs, 4 footballs,2 ping-pong balls, 吉姆拥有一个大的体育用品收藏。他有10个篮球,4个足球,2个乒乓球,

初一英语上册作文范文 第二十三篇

Dear friend,

I’m Li live in Zhengzhou China. I’m fourteen years old.. I’m a student of Middle School. I’m of medium height and a alittle bit have short straight black hair and wear like going to the movies and playing often do them on also like think they are good for like koalas best because they are like watching can learn a lot from TV love Animal don’t have to go to the zoo to see want to be a reporter when I grow I like talking to people and meeting interesting people.

I want a pen pal in Australia .I think it’s exciting to have friends in other you like to make friends with me?Please write to me and tell me about yourself.

初一英语上册作文范文 第二十四篇

An English Class We got the news before the English class that some foreign teachers from a middle school in New York would visit our class. We felt excited and nervous.

The bell rang and the foreign teachers came into the classroom. They spoke to us in English one by one. They spoke English clearly and slowly. A woman teacher came to my desk, with a smile on her face. "Hello! Nice to meet you! "she said friendly. I answered her. Then she asked me some simple questions. We talked With each other for a while. "Your English is very good,"she said. I thanked her and felt very happy. Then I decided to study English harder than before.

初一英语上册作文范文 第二十五篇

This term I have a new English teacher,Mr is young. He is of medium

height and a little bit has short straight black hair and wears likes playing often plays it with us after is made some have to follow example,we can’t arrive late for have to finish the can’t eat in talking in can’t listen to music in the must listen to the teacher can’t think these rules are good for can help us study well.

初一英语上册作文范文 第二十六篇

Miss Wang is my English teacher. She looks very 's about thirty years old, and she wears 's funny . But she is strict with us. She wants us to study

Hard, Her lessons are interesting. We are very happy in her class and we all like her lessons. She is a good teacher, and we all like her.

初一英语上册作文范文 第二十七篇

The bell rang and the class was over. The classroom became noisy.

Some students went out of the classroom. I was just chatting with some of my classmates when Li Hong came to me.

She smiled and said to me, "What's four minus four? Do you know?" "It's zero. That is easy." answered I. But Li Hong shook her head and said "It's wrong.

It's eight." "Why? That's impossible!" "You will understand if you cut down four corners of a desk." said Li Hong. "Is that a joke?" "Oh, yes." We all laughed.

During the class break, we had a good rest. We often have a pleasant break.

初一英语上册作文范文 第二十八篇

Last March, my mother told my father and me that my grandfather would come in April. We were very happy because my grandfather was an interesting old man and he had not visited us since he went to Hong Kong.


On April 1 my father and I bought a lot of food from the supermarket and bought a big bunch of flowers home. Then we did some cleaning at home. At night when we were waiting for my grandfather, the bell rang and in came my mother. She smiled to us and said "April fools"!


初一英语上册作文范文 第二十九篇

Hello! My name is BiNan xin; I usually get up at six o’clock. Because the early bird catches the worm. I always read at six ten. Then I have breakfast at half past six. I eat eggs and soup. I go to school on foot at seven o’clock. Classes begin at eight o’clock. I have four classes in the morning.

I have lunch at school at twelve ten,I usually have eggs and noodles for lunch; I have five classes in the afternoon. After school, I often have dinner at out. It’s very nice.

I get home at six o’clock, I do my home work. After that, I read books for a long time. I go to bed at about nine o’clock.

I have a busy day. But I’m very happy!

初一英语上册作文范文 第三十篇

根据所给的四幅图画,以“Mike's Test Paper”为题,按顺序写一篇不少于80字的短文。内容必须符合题意。


Mike is bad at English. Yesterday, he had an English test. He failed again. He dared not tell his mother the low marks. On his way home, it rained heavily. So he got a good idea. Why not take the paper as an umbrella? He just put the paper on his head and began to run home. When he arrived home, the paper was all wet and almost torn to pieces by the rain. When his mother asked about the marks, Mike showed the paper to his mother with an embarrassed smile.

初一英语上册作文范文 第三十一篇

I admire a person, he is my friend li lei, speaking of him, there are a lot of advantages is worth me to learn.

He is a good deed, treats people polite boy. His body is good, study well, and moral character better. Rarely speak, miyoshi students choose if many times.

After my foot sprain, our classroom is on the second floor, he will help me up the stairs. As the saying goes: at home by relatives, depend on friends outside. Yes, I admire the spirit of his good deed. He was very diligent, a finish homework, the teacher after class, he didn't go out to play, homework finished, just go out to play.

I forgot to take my paper on art, he lent me. I am very happy, he again to help me, I will also reach out to help him, let's be good friends forever, let us to feel each other.

He helpful spirit, is worth me to learn. I have such a friend, I am proud, very proud, too.

初一英语上册作文范文 第三十二篇

Everytime I went across the court near my community,a strong feeling,with eager,with desire,raised found it's really an uncompetible and awesome sports I have ever experienced,the moment I was rebounding,I would find the blessing happiness in admit,that's a little bit crazy,while the same reason I'm fond in playing,also watching NBA games,Kobe Bryant(你可以自己写)is my favorite super star player,my only should practice day and night to reach his height,though a day-dream.

That's me,a fantastic basketsball fans,and I will keep it forever.

初一英语上册作文范文 第三十三篇

Chinese people are now face to a serious problem--pollution. And this problem is a little bit different from others--the goverment can not solve it by themselves. We need everyone to protect our environment. But we also know that it is very hard to call everyone to join us to protect the environment. But it seems that they have found the way to let everybody know it. In a report, Anhui Daily called on residents to help protect the river against pollution. I am so glad about it. And i believe that somewhere the pollution must stop.


初一英语上册作文范文 第三十四篇

One day the sun and the wind had a sun said he was stronger than the the wind said he was stronger than the then they saw a man walking down below with a hat and a coat on,The sun said,"Let's see who can make the man take off his hat and you can do that quicker than I,then you are the stronger.""All right,"said the wind,"I'll try first."

So the wind began to the harder he blew,the tighter the man held his hat and wind could not make him take them off.

Then the sun shone the man took off his hat and wiped his sun began to shine a little brighter,and the man took off his shone harder still,and the man began to take off his the wind said to the sun,“That's are stronger than me.

初一英语上册作文范文 第三十五篇

This summer vacation I got a part-time job in a snack bar. At the beginning, I couldn't do well at all often made mistakes. I was very low-spirited,father mother encouraged me a lot. So I began to try my best. Gradually, I could do a very good job. I felt very excited when I received my pay for the first time. I already made up my mind to find another part-time job in this winter vacation. I believe I can do better next time.

初一英语上册作文范文 第三十六篇

June 23rd Sunday Sunny

It was a fine day today and the sun was bright. I visited Beijing Zoo with my classmate, He Song. The animals were so interesting that all the people loved them. When a bear asked for some food by waving its ann, a visitor threw something to it. At once I went up to him and said without thinking,'Don't do that. It's bad for it. If you really love them, take good care of them.' His face turned red and answered he wouldn't do that again.



初一英语上册作文范文 第三十七篇

Since I was small, I was so curious about the beach, because in my hometown, I never have the chance to see the real beach. It happens to me that my friends planned to go to Beihai this weekend, so I was so excited to join them. It took us four hours to arrive in Beihai, I saw the beach when I was in the bus, the water was so clean and there were so many people walked on the beach. When we found the hotel and dropped everything down, we went to the beach and had the barbecue, I played with my friends so happily. I realized my dream and have a happy weekend.


初一英语上册作文范文 第三十八篇


Hello,everyone!I'm ! This is my family photo. This is my grandmother. She is 58. This is my father. He is a teacher. He works in a school .He uauslly go to the school by car .He is 36,and my mother is 36, too. Who’s that boy? Oh, he is my brother. He is 13 and I am 12. My brother and I are students.


初一英语上册作文范文 第三十九篇

Last night, I read the news about a professor who wrote the paper 20 years ago. He did some research about asking people whether they were happy and he came up with the conclusion that happiness belonged to two kinds of people, they are the one who lived in peace and the other was who lived with great achievement. But 20 years later, he decided to revisit these people and he found that the conclusion about happiness he made before was wrong. Most people with great achievement felt not happy because they met setbacks. The professor came up with the new conclusion that the real happiness lies in the peaceful soul. This is the code of happine

初一英语上册作文范文 第四十篇

My name is Wang birthday is June 5th. I am Chinese. I am a study very favorite subject is English. I like it because it is interesting.

I can play the piano and the trumpet, but not very well. I love swimming and I am good at all kinds of movies, I like comedies best. I think they're interesting. I’m one of the best students in my class. My teachers all say I am a good all like me and I like them, too.

初一英语上册作文范文 第四十一篇

Recently, three owls appeared suddenly on our campus. they made me think of my pet from childhood. When I was little, we had an owl at home. It was small, gray, and had two big eyes. We liked it very much. Every time I went home, it GREeted me by making “goo-goo” sounds. We always played with it and talked to it. It would blink its eyes just like it understood what we were saying. It was like my best friend. But when the weather became colder, we forgot to keep it warm, and it died. It made us sad for a long time, and it also taught me how important it is to take care of animals.



初一英语上册作文范文 第四十二篇

Many years ago, I saw the movie Harry Porter and I was so impressed by it. The magical world was so wonderful that I wanted to live there. My thoughts were so active that I always dreamed about myself walking in the magical world and taking the risk. So I decided to write down the things I dreamed about and then made these bee a book. This is my little dream, when the book is finished, I want to read them to my friends and my brother. Now I have written down a few pages, I continue to write every day. I get great motivation to finish my little dream. I imagine how happy I will be when I finish the book, so I keep writing it when I have the thoughts. I am so proud of myself for I never giving up to finish my dream.

初一英语上册作文范文 第四十三篇

Nowadays more and more programs are shown every day. My favorite program is "Discovery" which is broadcasted by CCTV at 5'clock every other afternoon, except weekends. The program provides us with knowledge in natural and scientific aspects. I like to know about the secrets of animals and some scientific research. I acquire some knowledge about nature and science of the past, present and even the future. It is an interesting as well as instructive program. Besides, the pictures are very vivid and beautiful. It’ s really a great joy to watch it. Ifyou don’t believe what I said, just watch it by yourself. and then you will know I am right.

初一英语上册作文范文 第四十四篇

What we should do? First, finding what the source of the situation is. People have destroyed the environment. People have hunted for meat. Actually, wild animals areendangered by some man’s can we do?

The first is to make laws to protectendangered species. One other useful thing is to create protective areas. It could create a safe environment for animals to live animals to the zoo is not the best choice, but better than have been , we must have the moral character to protect the animals, and we must continue living by sharing the land with the other different animals.