英语旅游宣传单范文 第一篇

r vacationmy family and I went to Qingdao by was always sunshine and fresh airwhich made us so went to the seasidethe sea was as blue as the skyand bathing in the sunshine on the beach was really an enjoyable also picked up a lot of colorful shells with my little we bought many interesting souvenirsI was planing to send them to my ate many tings theresuch as fishprawnand so are very we lived in a clean and tidy hoteland the price was not so like Qingdao very muchand if I got a chanceI hope to come here againit is such a beautiful and interesting place.

英语旅游宣传单范文 第二篇

TravelTravel is a very good means of broadening a person’s perspective. It makes you come into contact with different cultures meet people of different colors and go through peculiar rites and ceremonies. Travelling much you will not only enrich your knowledge and experiences but also be aware of the vastneof nature. Travel may also relieve person of boredom and gloom. Travel brings you enjoyment and attraction. It gives you a pleasant experience which will disperse your boredom and make you forget whatever annoys you. Travel broadens your mind and leaves you good memories. Later you may go over these memories and enjoy your past experiences thus keeping a fresh and sunny mind. The field’s his study nature was his book. Travelers can choose different modes of transportation which have advantages and disadvantages. Airplanes are the fastest but also the most expensive. Buses and trains are leexpensive but they soon make you feel cramped and uncomfortable. Ships provide you with comfort unleyou get seasick. Most people can afford traveling by bicycle which although slow can limber up your muscles and get you closer to nature.

英语旅游宣传单范文 第三篇

Queenstown is close to the South Alps. It was once famous for its gold rush. It is a tourist attraction in New Zealand with complete tourist facilities and convenient transportation.

It is a good place for fishing, water skiing and rafting. There are various shops, authentic crafts and exquisite jewelry. There are many Chinese restaurants.

Mount Eden is very popular with tourists. Mount Eden is located about kilometers south of the city center. It is the fire of an extinct volcano There is a pavilion on the top of the mountain overlooking the vast scenery.

It is a good place to overlook the city. In addition, you can also visit the remains of the century Maori fortress. The terrace on the top of the mountain has a wide view and is a perfect place to overlook the city.

In addition, you can visit the remains of Maori strongholds in Century Sky City + bus. Skytower is located in the center of Auckland, with a height of meters. It is the standard building in Auckland and the tallest building in the southern hemisphere.

It is integrated with other buildings to form New Zealand's largest casino, ten restaurants and bars, star hotels, theatres and many unique tourism and adventure activities. It also has a huge underground parking lot and an intercity bus terminal. The harbour bridge connects Auckland's busiest port, the north and south banks of whitimata port.

It is a spectacular landscape with a columnar mast anchored at the Oakland boat club, Michi. New Zealand's Pacific Rim cuisine is influenced by Europe, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Polynesia, and is available in cafes and restaurants across Japan and Vietnam. The art and culture of New Zealand is derived from all races and integrates Maori characteristics.

The Maori people in Europe, Asia and Oceania have rich and active cultures and maintain long-term contact with the spiritual and natural world. They use the special xxxMishixxx (greeting: https://picwensosocom/pqpic/wenwenpic/0/jpeg/0.





英语旅游宣传单范文 第四篇


Our earth needs everyones protection.


Stooped to pick up a pick, Jushouzhilao, do people.


The forest is the oxygen factory.


To protect the earth, start from the beautification of the campus!


Trees have green, the earth has a pulse.


Green is our life! Take care of the green, just like our life!


Beautiful grass, vitality, you are willing to destroy it?


Lush green grass, please watch your step.


A variety of green trees, but also my blue sky.


The green to every corner of the world, so that green into the hearts of people.


Clear the road, one of the sewage.


Protect the blue sky.


To protect the environment is to protect the productive forces.


A variety of trees, the world will be more green.


Garbage recycling.


Enjoy the wilderness return to nature.


Save our environment for the sake of life on earth.


The protection of green, cherish the public property, begin from me!


To be kind to nature is also human self praise.


Where there is green, there is life.


To build green society.


The ground clean, please hand.


Love is boundless, green is boundless.


Protecting the environment and improving the environment is a long and arduous task.


The beauty of heaven and earth.


Your actions represent the future of flowers.


Ensure the safety of drinking water and maintain the health of life.


You come around, I smile.


A good environment is the milk of all living things.


Everyone to take care of it, the world will be more beautiful.

英语旅游宣传单范文 第五篇

Dear Mr. Jane Kee & Co Ltd Regent Street London UK, this time last year, you ordered the BS type volt sealed battery, which is a discontinued production line. At that time, we had a similar product in the quotation, model CN.

We think you may be interested and enclosed is an explanatory leaflet. We have CN type stock. We sell it at the price of GB.

We can offer a maximum quantity discount, but we are prepared to discount the quotation for purchasing the whole stock. In view of your previous order, we will give you this opportunity. If you are not interested, we will offer you BS CN, Smith's leading seller immediately.


January Kee&Co Ltd Regent Street London UK亲爱的先生,去年这个时候,您订购了BS型volt密封电池,这是一个停产的生产线,当时我们有一个类似的产品在报价中,型号CN。我们想到您可能会感兴趣,随信附上一份说明性的宣传单,我们有CN型的存货我们以GB英镑的价格出售,我们可以提供最高达的数量折扣,但我们准备对购买全部存货的报价给予折扣。鉴于你方先前的订单,我们将给予你方这次机会。

如果你方不感兴趣,我方将立即报盘史密斯首席卖家BS CN。

英语旅游宣传单范文 第六篇

Last summer holiday, I went to Beijing for a week. The first day when I took off at the capital airport , it gave me the first feeling was cleanand tidy. The people in Beijing were very friendly. T he second day, I visited Beijing city. I went to the WangFujing Ave , I tasted many famous snacksand Beijing Roast Duck, they are very delicious. I also went to the XinDongfang square, it was a very big shopping mall, it took me about half an hour to walk between two doors. I can saw many famous brands: Cucci, Chanel, Rolex, Seiko, even the new Audi cars. It made me really want to stay in Beijing .The third day I visited the Tian’anmen Square, and it’s very beautiful. And the Chang’an Ave is wide ,straight and clean. The forth day, I went to the Forbidden City. It made me felt the emperor ’ s royal mausoleum was very luxury. The fifth day I went to the Summer Palace, I went boating there. The sixth day, I visited the Great Wall, it’s very terrific, this great architectural complex told us how clever the Chinese people are ! T he last day, I visited the Beijing University ----one of the topest universities of China . There are many famous people were graduated t here.

That’s a happy travel. In the future, I want to visit many countries. This is my dream.

英语旅游宣传单范文 第七篇

This summer my sister and I follow my mother to travel to the United States, we went to the three cities and one island, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Hawaii.

Hawaii is my favorite, although only two days, but I went to the beach for several times, is the famous waikiki beach, listening to the tour guide said where the sand came from Australia, where the water is clear, the sand is very clean, when I was in the sea waves to see the small fish, I also into base sand castle on the sand beach, made apple mould sand, crabs, bottle gourd, the shape of a fish, I also want to go to the seaside.

英语旅游宣传单范文 第八篇




Make publicity


Propaganda movement of Philippines.


This slogan should be publicized


Company brochures/promotional materials


It is an offense to litter handbills.


It was all a publicity stunt.


He is an apostle of temperance


wartime propaganda that demonizes the enemy.


Jews in the Midwest were probably not keen about advertising their affiliation


We must always be wary of those who with sounding brass and a tinkling cymbal preach the ism of appeasement



v. 宣传,公布

public administrator


Public law includes laws that affect the public generally.


The press will give publicity to the fact.


To bring to public notice;disclose.


This information should be in the public domain.



英语旅游宣传单范文 第九篇

Dear Sir or Madam :

It’s our great honor to invite you to visit XXX Company located at (address) in **, 2010. This visit will provide an opportunity for you to make a better understanding of our marketing issues, and to communicate our future business cooperation in detail.

QiFeng Hydraulic Technology CO.,LTD Company, as a professional manufacturer of shoes machinery in China, has been great progressing in promoting and selling your products. We believe this visit will be of great benefits to our future business cooperation.

Please use this invitation letter to apply for your VISA to China.

We are all looking forward to seeing you soon, and should you have any questions, please feel free to inform me.

Yours truly,

英语旅游宣传单范文 第十篇

Mary, a girl who likes to travel around the world, booked an airline ticket with the help of a travel agency and went to Tibet alone. With all her luggage packed up, her parents saw her off and she read a magazine introducing tourist attractions and scenic spots around Tibet on the plane. After going off from the plane, she checked in a hotel, and then took the bus to appreciate the beauties of nature. Through the communication with local residents, she not only understood the local culture better, but also promoted friendship and understanding with them. From the tour, she learnt more about the outside world, which broadened her knowledge.

英语旅游宣传单范文 第十一篇

Dear Mr. / MS: I just learned from your email that you didn't receive the advertising leaflet and price for the ten day trip to China. I'm sorry to have kept you waiting for so long.

I have checked your address and asked my assistant to send it to you again. Please let me confirm your address with you. We are looking forward to your reply.

We will. Please send the information to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your time and cooperation.



英语旅游宣传单范文 第十二篇


I would hereby invite the members of Beijing delegation totally 4 persons (listed attachment) led by you, to come over to ***(country) for *** (exposition), which is to be held at *** (place) during *** (date). Please make the necessary arrangements for your delegation to arrive in *** (country). During the exposition, you will stay here for *** days. All your expenses including international air tickets, local transportation, accommodations, medical insurances and all other related expenses during your stay here will be paid by yourselves.

We are looking forward to greeting you in *** (country) very soon.

Yours sincerely,



英语旅游宣传单范文 第十三篇

My travel plan我的旅行计划英文演讲稿

Good morning,my dear classmates and teacher,I’m glad here to give a speech about my travel.

When I was a little child, I had many dreams,to be rich,to be successful......But now, I realize that there is no point in that,so my dream seems to be better and more realistic.

I planned this travel long time ’m going to Sanya this summer

was just something I have always wanted to we all know Sanya is a tourist attraction,because it

has beautiful beaches and warm weather all year ’m going to get there by train,then I could better enjoy the scenery along the road. I’d like to live in a local log cabin than a holiday can be primitive,but it must near the ’s sea is the most beautiful one in mine mind

Barefoot on the fine white sand beach, feel the body temperature of the of shells are all over the place. What a beautiful scene!I’m going to spent most of mine time swimming,sunbathing,playing on the beach,and taking fresh will fall in love with it,I bet.

Finally,I want to use a famous advertisement to end the speech:”

Life can be considered as a journey, what is important is not the destination,but the scenery on the way and the mood when enjoying it. taking your mind go on a journey.”

英语旅游宣传单范文 第十四篇

Robyn Rihanna Fenty (born in February, better known as Rihanna (pronounced / ri ˈ n ə / reeyahna) is a Barbados pop / R & B record artist and composer. Born in St. Michael, Barbados, Rihanna moved to the United States at the age of, engaged in recording under the guidance of record producer Evan Rogers, and then tried for jajin Rihanna, the head of the record company Behind the mirror, she and def Jam records signed a contract to release her first studio album, xxxmusic of the sun,xxx which peaked in the top 10 billboard charts.

Less than a year later, she released her second studio album, xxxgirls like me,xxx which peaked in the top five billboard charts and produced her first American hit single, xxxSOS.xxx In addition to infidelity and Rihanna's third studio albums infidelity and breakup, the top 10 hit singles for xxxgood girlxxx ranked second on the list, including three American hit singles xxxumbrellaxxx, xxxbowxxx, xxxworryxxx and global hit xxxdon't stop musicxxx. The album won nine Grammy nominations and won the best for xxxumbrellaxxx The rap / song collaboration award, which features jayz's fourth studio album Rated R, was released in November and ranked fourth in the Billboard's first three singles, xxxRussian roulette,xxx with xxxtough guyxxx and xxxrude boyxxx peaking in the top 10, with xxxrude boyxxx ranking first. She will release her fifth studio album, loud, in November, featuring the single only girl (in the world) Since her debut on the charts in June, Rihanna has made seven of the most popular singles on billboards.

During this time, Rihanna has sold about one record in the United States. She has won many honors, including the world music award, the world's best-selling female pop singer and female artist of the year, and the American Music Awards xxxfavorite soul.xxx /She is one of Barbados' honorary Cultural Ambassadors, and in January Rihanna won two Grammys for Jaz's single xxxrun the city.xxx.


Robyn Rihanna Fenty(出生于xx月,更为人所知的名字是Rihanna(发音为/riˈːnə/reeYAHna)是巴巴多斯流行音乐/R&B唱片艺术家和作曲家,出生于巴巴多斯的圣迈克尔,蕾哈娜在岁时移居,在唱片制作人埃文·罗杰斯的指导下从事录音事业,随后在为唱片公司负责人贾津·蕾哈娜试镜后,她与Def Jam唱片公司签订了一份合同,发行了她的首张录音室专辑《太阳音乐》,在广告牌排行榜的前十名中达到顶峰,不到xx年后,她发布了她的第二张录音室专辑《像我一样的女孩》在广告牌专辑排行榜前五名内达到顶峰,并制作了她的第一张第一热门单曲“SOS”,除了《不忠》和蕾哈娜的第三张录音室专辑《不忠》和《决裂》外,排在排行榜第二位的《乖乖女》十大热门单曲包括三首热门单曲《雨伞》,《鞠躬》、《忐忑》和全球热播的《不要停止音乐》这张专辑获得了9项格莱美奖的提名,凭借《雨伞》赢得了最佳说唱/歌曲合作奖,这张专辑收录了JayZ的第四张录音室专辑Rated R,于xx月发行,并在广告牌的前三首单曲《赌》(Russian Roulette)排名第四,“硬汉”和“粗鲁男孩”在排行榜前十名中达到顶峰,其中“粗鲁男孩”排名第一。她将于xx月发行第五张录音室专辑《大声》(Loud),主打单曲《世界上唯一的女孩》(Only Girl(in the World))自xx月首次登上排行榜以来,蕾哈娜已经在广告牌上取得了7首单曲的最热门成绩在这段时间里,蕾哈娜在的唱片销量已经达到了大约一张,她已经获得了多项荣誉,包括世界音乐奖,世界最畅销的流行女歌手和年度女艺人,以及音乐奖“最爱的灵魂/R&B女艺人”和“最受欢迎的流行音乐/摇女歌手”她是巴巴多斯荣誉文化大使之一,今年xx月,蕾哈娜因贾兹的单曲《经营这座城市》获得两项格莱美奖。


英语旅游宣传单范文 第十五篇

I went to Beijing more than eight times. Beijing is the capital of China. It’s a big city. I am very familiar with Beijing. It takes an hour and forty minutes from Nantong to Beijing by plane. There are many tall buildings in Beijing. It’s a modern city. My family visited the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, the Palace Museum, the Beihai Park, the Space Museum, etc. I went to the countryside of Beijing to go boating and fishing. It was very interesting. I went shopping in WangFuJing. I bought lots of souvenirs and other things. I like eating Beijing snacks. They are delicious. Don’t miss the Beijing Duck. It is really nice.

英语旅游宣传单范文 第十六篇

BECBEC BEC can take notes that are useful to both himself and his colleagues. He / she is likely to write a lot of letters, but if there is a mistake, it will not hinder the understanding of the information. He / she can write a simple report (personal identification) (general business environment and routine of the Office) (customer's free entertainment and time relationship with colleagues and customers) (travel) (Health) (purchase and sales)( Corporate structure system processes) (products and services) (results and achievements) business issues bec L you work for a company that produces laser printers.

You are visiting softcell, another company, to purchase some computer software for your department. You are interested in your company's printers. You would like to bring 20 brochures and three printer samples, laser, inkjet, projector (Xerox fax machine, scanner, computer, monitoring company brochure leaflet Single white paper data sheet prospectus l write a short note to Mr.

Jim asanoth, asking him to allow him to take away the items l explain why you want them l mention the time and date when you want to collect these items write words on the answer sheet input: situation description task: memo, note, email content: internal message) BECBEC.


BECBEC BEC可以做对自己和同事都有用的笔记,他/她很可能会写很多信,但如果出现错误,不会妨碍对信息的理解,可以写一份简单的报告(个人身份证明)(办公室一般业务环境和例行程序)(客户自由娱乐与同事和客户的时间关系)(旅行)(健康)(购买和销售)(公司结构系统流程)(产品和服务)(结果和成就)业务问题BEC l您在一家生产激光打印机的公司工作您正在访问另一家公司SoftCell,为您的部门购买一些计算机软件您对贵公司的打印机有兴趣,您想带二十本宣传册和三台打印机样品,激光、喷墨、投影仪(巴可复印机(施乐传真机、扫描仪、电脑、,监控公司宣传手册传单传单白皮书数据表招股说明书l给Jim Asanoth先生写一封简短的便笺,请他允许他拿走这些物品l解释您为什么要这些物品l提到您要收集这些物品的时间和日期在答题纸上写下文字输入:情况描述任务:备忘录、便笺、电子邮件内容点写:内部留言词)BECBEC。

英语旅游宣传单范文 第十七篇

Alas! Speaking of my summer vacation, that's a really rich and colorful! The most make me happy is my mother and I to play in the window of the world, playing all day. Can be happy!

Just to the gate, a Roman glass pyramid, came into our eyes, inscribed with four Chinese characters xxxwindow of the worldxxx, the word what a magnificent! I was thinking. Around the pyramid, it is a fountain of some two meters high. Is this four characters more gorgeous and colorful!

The door to watch has ended, we bought the tickets, hurried into the window of the world, we first to a call Japan laurel detached palace, here is introducing tea, wash cup, the style of tea. Because of this, I understand the style of Japanese tea.

Then, we visited some sculptures, such as: the world trade center, Japan's palace, and so on some of the building.

In this way, we then suddenly, until half past eleven we all of a sudden, forest through place, see this, I talk about playing with heart, and at work, I can't help, my mother and I immediately to start the game, wow! Good fast ah! My heart a, just relax, and nervous, just relax, and nervous,... My heart is such a.

Later, we played a lot of fun and exciting game, well, how did you feel today, I have a good time?

英语旅游宣传单范文 第十八篇

Basic CV

Name: - Nationality: Chinese

Personal photos

Current location: Guangzhou National: Han

Exit and Entry: Guangdong Province is: 170 cm 58 kg

Marital Status: Single Age: 25 years old

Training Certification: integrity badge:

Job search intention and work experience

Talent type: general job

Position: Hotel / Travel logistics categories: high-level managers in the categories of customer service operation / management

Work Experience: 1 Title: No Title

Job type: full-time can be reported for duty - at any time

Monthly requirements: 1500 - 2000 hope that the working area: Guangzhou, Dongguan, Huizhou

Personal experience: - Department of the Student Union work (former Director-General, the Propaganda Department, Deputy Minister)

- xxxTrustxxx (Kecun Station) promotional staff

2004 - 2005 (Golden Week) Guangdong Nanhu International Travel Service Department reception staff, part-time tour guides

- travel agencies in Guangdong Province intern employees, part-time tour guides

- Huizhou Daya Bay Resort hotel rooms and the Department of the South China Sea, interns

After graduation in 2007, Guangzhou, Guangzhou Daily Newspaper Group newspapers in charge of the company's business

英语旅游宣传单范文 第十九篇

Traveling a series of beautiful scenery makes people happy. Staying in the same environment for a long time makes everything the same. Daily work is often boring, but if you travel to some scenic spots or historical sites or long-distance travel during the holiday, it will be very different.

Travel can broaden your knowledge. The farther you go, the more you learn about different politics, economics, customs and geography. If you travel around the world one day, you will fully understand the earth we live on.

However, too much travel can make you tired by bus or taxi. You travel by train or by air, patiently endure the time it takes to get from one place to another, which can make you exhausted after a period of time.




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英语旅游宣传单范文 第二十篇

At noon, grandpa excitedly ran up and told us to go to paradise. I shout of surprise. At noon we eat wonton, even wrapped the wonton to my package so fast so good. I quickly solved the wonton, tidy up the things ready to go.

I can't help but admire the tiangong estate, wow, what a big ah, how beautiful! Grandpa bought the ticket, I rushed into the door, asked grandpa go to play there. Grandpa said: xxxfirst pick mulberry notes.xxx Once again I screamed and ran to the mulberry fruit wood, I one side, while eating, admiring: how sweet! Suddenly, I found a big black mulberry notes, busy picking in the past, but I accidentally to crush it, make it out of the juice, juice flowing really - phase bleeding on the hand! Before I went to the mother call: xxxmama I 'blood'!xxx Mother a look, cut, turns out to be of mulberry fruit juice.

Finished picking mulberry notes, we went to the paradise of the plant world, xxxI looked at several galleries in a row, a tropical fruit zone, tropical zone, psammophyte area... And so on. There are all kinds of plants, fruit, let I pick up my free time should be no. Introduce several kinds of give you! Such as there is a xxxheartxxx you haven't seen! He is a tropical fruit, fruit is round, like the heart, leaves the same as ordinary camphor tree leaves.

Then we went to the amusement park, play the pedal boat and xxxspace walkxxx. We can play fun! Arrived there after I have a little linger the round-trip!

Today this manor trip of a day, let I grew many knowledge, you also go to some tourist attractions to play more! I have been to many places!

英语旅游宣传单范文 第二十一篇

Experience a week in Europe with seven nights in Germany and one night in Paris, France. Your journey begins in Paris, the “city of lights”. You'll spend the first night and following morning there. Then you will fly to Munich. There you will spend the afternoon and early evening experiencing Oktoberfest!

Then you reach our destination-Lake Tegernsee, Germany. It's an ideal place for tours of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. You can enjoy sightseeing and some of the world's best outdoor activities. All of these are only minutes from your hotel.

Our tour ends with a flight from Munich to Paris and back to the states. An optional two-night stay in Paris is offered on the way back.

英语旅游宣传单范文 第二十二篇

Dear Sir or Madam :

It’s our great honor to invite you to visit XXX Company located at (address) in xx, 20xx. This visit will provide an opportunity for you to make a better understanding of our marketing issues, and to communicate our future business cooperation in detail.

QiFeng Hydraulic Technology CO.,LTD Company, as a professional manufacturer of shoes machinery in China, has been great progressing in promoting and selling your products. We believe this visit will be of great benefits to our future business cooperation.

Please use this invitation letter to apply for your VISA to China.

We are all looking forward to seeing you soon, and should you have any questions, please feel free to inform me.

Yours truly,

英语旅游宣传单范文 第二十三篇


























英语旅游宣传单范文 第二十四篇

Hainan Island, located in the south of China, is famous for the ends of the world (Tianya Haijiao). Hainan Island is a famous scenic spot in China. It is divided into Hainan, Nansha, Xisha and Zhongsha Islands due to its golden beach, blue sea and tropical climate.

Haikou is the capital, the second largest city, Sanya. Sanya held the Miss World competition and won the good reputation of Hawaii, China It was a poor small fishing village until the government designated it as Hainan Special Economic Zone. Now there are many excellent hotels and golf courses.

Many new hotels are being built to accommodate more and more tourists from all over the world. Now tourism accounts for a large proportion of island income.



英语旅游宣传单范文 第二十五篇

basic information

name: qi xx sex: female nationality: chinese age: 23 residence: jiangsu

graduate institutions: jilin agricultural university previous positions: deputy minister of learning

tel: 1350439107x e-mail: qimingxia09@

job search intention: hotel

professional courses

tourism studies, a modern tourist hotel management, hotel english, front office operation and management, catering management, recreational services and management, hotel operation and management of the department, western general, tourism social etiquette

awards and certificates in school

english four countries national certification level of motor vehicle driver's license card in putonghua (2-level) national tour card

access to learning in 2014, deputy minister of the letter of appointment in 2014 was named to join the party activists in 2014 the school was named outstanding cadres mission

campus work experience

freshman students as a school-general: society in charge of groups, on time and efficient completion of the self-work.

sophomore year as deputy minister of learning: the cultural activities organized, such as geographical knowledge machaoying-long bird competition.

freshman to junior after school hours in small restaurants in a variety of private sector workers, such as the shu-hong lau, set an restaurant, food city campus, learned how to communicate and exchange, an increase of life experiences!

social work experience (1 year relevant working experience)

august 2014 tsinghua university in changchun hotels engaged in food and beverage attendants

august 2014 -2014 in changchun in jilin in january internship scenery travel guide

junior school in 2014 independently pawnshops 406 (main old clothes)

specialty skills

1) warm sense of service 2) a solid professional knowledge and skills

3) skilled office office software 4) fluent in spoken english

self-evaluation (my motto in life: smiling face every day)

i am optimistic enthusiasm, travel-loving, energetic, earnest self-confidence is my biggest character, i am willing to start from the grass-roots level, and experience to improve the professional skills, become a real hotel people!

英语旅游宣传单范文 第二十六篇

Becbebecbec document 8 Part 1 to: Ms Anne folster, I have to postpone my trip to Hawaii until July because of flton Mr. Deland will arrive in London on June to discuss the claim. After careful investigation, please arrange for us to meet in the second part of June.

From the chart, we can clearly see that our cars have more models and colors than our main compe, Quaker, but Quaker's revenue is growing faster. Why? First of all, Quaker has spent a lot of money on advertising. I suggest that we advertise on BTV, the most popular radio station.

Second, we should expand our after-sales service now. We can open more service stations in many medium-sized cities. Third, if we have more money, we can hire more salesmen to sell cars directly to customers, especially in medium-sized cities.


Becbebecbec文件8第1部分致:Anne Folster女士,我不得不将我的夏威夷之行推迟到xx月,因为Flton Deland先生将于xx月日抵达伦敦,当面讨论索赔事宜,请在仔细调查后安排我们于xx月日第二部分会面,从图表中我们可以清楚地看到,我们的汽车比我们的主要竞争对手贵格公司的车型和颜色都要多,但是贵格公司的收入增长得更快,原因是什么?首先,贵格公司在广告上花了很多钱,我建议我们在最受欢迎的广播电台BTV上做广告第二,我们现在应该扩大我们的售后服务范围,我们可以在许多中等城市开设更多的服务站。第三,如果我们有更多的钱,我们可以雇佣更多的人员直接向客户汽车,特别是在中等城市的人员。

英语旅游宣传单范文 第二十七篇

I went to Yunnan Province with my sister to enjoy my summer vacation. During the five-day trip, we visited many famous sites of interest in this province. Among them, Stone Forest in Lunan Yi Nationality Autonomous County leaves a deepest inpression upon me for its strange, steep yet magnificent landscape. Indeed, both my sister and I had such a good time in this tour that we could not help but plan our trip to this province for another time the moment we arrived at home!

英语旅游宣传单范文 第二十八篇

1)travel 通常泛指“旅行”,词义广泛,可以指长期、短期的,不论何种目的,不论使用何种交通工具的旅行,尤指长途的海外旅行. 如:He is traveling in Africa.他在非洲旅行.

2)tour的意思是“周游、巡视”,常带有根据一定的路线,事先预定了一些逗留地点,最后仍回到出发地. 如:He visited the countries on good-will tours.他对一些国家进行了友好访问.

3)journey 表示“旅行,旅程”,适用范围广,多指陆上旅行.不用于指距离很短的旅行. 如:Wish you a good journey.祝你一路平安.

4)trip通常指短期的短程的旅行,尤指暂时到外地办理业务上的事情. 如:He went on a business trip yesterday.昨天他出差了.

英语旅游宣传单范文 第二十九篇

Basic information

Name: Fan xx Sex: Female

Date of Birth: Nationality: Chinese

Account is located: current Guangzhou: Guangzhou

Graduate institutions: the political landscape of the South China Institute of Business and Technology: members

Highest level of education: post-secondary repair by a professional: Tourism Management

Personnel types: ordinary job graduation date:

Job intentions

Job type: Full-time or part-time

Position: guides

Hope Location: Guangzhou

Wish to pay: Negotiable

Education and training experience

From September 2003 to June 2006 the South China Institute of Business and Technology Management College school

Language Proficiency

English familiar with the

Japanese General

Putonghua proficiency

Proficient in Cantonese

Computer capacity

WINDOWS operating system to proficiency, office software, such as OFFICE. Typing speed up to 60 words per minute

Practical experience

Campus practice

2006/09: publicity ban was elected member of

2006/09: join the Propaganda Department of the Hospital Young Volunteers Association

2006/09: to join the Department of Propaganda Department of the Communist Youth League

2007/06: Department of organized to participate in a full-house evening make-up was the xxxbest they can get married Awardxxx

2007/09: received new

2007/10-2008/02:奥维思Chinese college campus Service Center Agent

2008/12: to participate in the Department's xxx竹竿舞xxx Competition

2008/12: to participate in the Department's xxxEnglish drama performancexxx

Work experience

2009/01-2009/06: Burton Food Co., Ltd. Dongguan Sunny branch, Guangzhou, Henan branch-day service, receptionists

2008/10: the economic center of Guangdong Television Group tourism internship program

2008/09: League

2008/08: Cool cell phone sales

2007/10-2008/03:奥维思Chinese college campus Service Center Agent

2008/01: Guangzhou Baiyun International Conference Center, Chinese Ministry of Food & Beverage Attendant

2007/12: ASUS computer to send a single guide

2007/11: League

2007/10: Wahaha sales

2007/06-09: The Li Bai Marketing Data Entry Clerk

2006/09: Mead Johnson staff

Received awards

2006 was rated xxxoutstanding memberxxx

In 2006 was named xxxoutstanding young volunteersxxx

2007 was rated xxxoutstanding student leadersxxx

2007 was named xxxThree Goods Studentxxx

In 2007 the Department of masquerade held were xxxthe best partner awardxxx

2009 was rated xxxoutstanding graduatesxxx

Over the past had access to many national, city, school awards, such as Chinese calligraphy competition


1, the work of a conscientious and responsible, loving learning, continuous learning and mastering new technologies.

2, dare to practice, pioneering and innovative, self-learning ability. A positive attitude to the face of success and setbacks.

3, act calm, careful, prudent, responsible, there are affinity and loyalty.

英语旅游宣传单范文 第三十篇

When my parents are busy with their work I will stay aside drawing. I like drawing my family. I like drawing my parents holding my hands to send me to school. I also like drawing fruit because they are delicious.